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Tween / Teen Facial

This treatment is designed for young teens and tweens who are experiencing the very beginnings of acne but have skin too young for traditional peels.  This facial includes all of the fundamentals, but replaces the peel with a mild, hydrating scrub, leaving skin clean, clear and hydrated. 

20 minutes, $45 (No Extractions)

30 Minutes, $55 (Includes Extractions)

Acne Facial Treatment

Gentle, yet effective, this treatment is designed to calm and detoxify various types of acne skin conditions.  Beginning with a deep pore cleanse with steam, dirt and debris are lifted away.  Next, an enzyme peel digests surface dead skin cells and prepares the skin for extractions.  Trapped oil and bacteria are removed, purifying skin’s pores.  A calming and soothing sulfur masque finishes the treatment reducing redness and inflammation. 

1 hour, $65


Express Facial

Perfect for those short on time, this condensed facial treatment includes all of the essentials in just 30 minutes!  Deep pore facial cleansing features an aromatic foaming cleanser and a Cucumber Bead scrub to slough off surface dullness.  A rapid peel encourages skin renewal, and a calming masque completes the treatment.  Your skin will be clean, polished and hydrated.

30 minutes, $55

Ultra Rich Nourishing Facial

This hydrating facial begins with lavender and chamomile infused moisturizing hand and arm massage with heated mitts.  A deep pore facial cleanse is next featuring a milky hydrating cleanser.  A lactic green tea peel follows, refining skin texture and uncovering brightness without irritation.  A power-packed peptide cream masque finishes the treatment leaving your skin nourished, hydrated, and radiant.

70 minutes, $85



Therapeutic Facial

This classic European style facial begins with an aromatic foaming cleanser and continues with a skin renewing exfoliating peel that will smooth skin’s texture and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Extractions are next, relieving impacted pores.  An essential oil infused massage of the face, neck, back, and shoulders will put you into a deep state of relaxation.  Finally, a skin conditioning masque is applied.  Your skin will be refreshed, refined, and radiant!

1 hour, $75

Revitalizing Vitamin A Facial / Series

Addressing the top anti-aging skin concerns, this powerhouse facial begins with a peptide infused anti-aging cleanser to stimulate collagen production.  Next, surface dull and sluggish skin cells are gently removed with a revitalizing glycolic peel and hydrating lactic peel.  Extractions are performed to purify the skin followed by a stress relieving essential oil pressure-point face massage and a deeply relaxing arm, back and neck massage.  The treatment concludes with a cellular rejuvenating Vitamin A booster peel. This treatment can be done in a series of four.

1 hour, $80

Meditative / Mindful Facial Treatment

This deeply peaceful, calming, and quiet facial treatment will stimulate your senses, relax your body, and calm your mind.  Thoughtfully applied essential oils and deep slow breathing begins the treatment.  Facial cleansing with warm steam features a mild cleansing gel with lavender, chamomile, green tea and aloe vera. A facial pressure-point massage with essential oils is next, followed by a calming and nourishing masque. Oil infused with plant extracts and botanicals enhances the soothing massage of the upper arms, shoulders, back, and neck. The treatment concludes with warm steam towels to remove the masque and excess oils and a moisturizer and sunscreen are applied to hydrate and protect your skin. Please note there will be limited talking during this treatment.

1 hour, $75

Facial Waxing with Lycon Ultra Gental Hard Wax

Lip Wax, $12

Eye Brow Wax $23

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